Join the P456 Workgroup

We are looking for members to join the P456‘Enable Elexon to procure ancillary Technology Services for use by BSC Agents’ Workgroup, which seeks to remove barriers in BSC Section E ‘BSC Agents’.

Who do we expect this to impact?

We anticipate potential cost-savings across all BSC Parties if P456 is implemented with no on-going costs anticipated for any Parties.

When is the meeting and how do I sign up?

We aim to hold the Workgroup meeting mid/late August 2023, depending on Workgroup sign-up.

You can join the Workgroup as a voting member, a non-voting member or be added to the Workgroup mailing list

Where can I find further information?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this Modification further, please contact Jacob Snowden via 020 7380 4260 or contact the BSC Change team.


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