Reconciliation charges to be introduced at next Settlement Run

National Grid ESO has resubmitted Balancing Services Adjustment Actions (BSAA) and Balancing Services Adjustment Data (BSAD) files for multiple settlement dates throughout 2021. The period covers January through to November 2021 and is across 69 distinctly impacted Settlement Periods.

How it relates to you

Where BSC Parties have an Energy Imbalance on an affected Settlement Date and Settlement Period, the Trading Charges will change.

This will result in reconciliation charges to/from the BSC Party at the next Settlement Run.

Settlement periods affected

Elexon has assessed the impact of these resubmissions by recalculating all Settlement Periods Imbalance Prices for all the affected days. In the majority of cases, the impact of these resubmissions is slight.

However there are two distinct days where impact on pricing is more significant.

  • 08/01/21 (Settlement Period 35)
  • 09/09/21 (Settlement Periods 26, 30, 38, 40 and 41)

How to check Trading Charges

You can check your Trading Charges by Settlement Run on the Elexon Portal using the Market Reports.

For more information or assistance please contact the BSC Service Desk.


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