COVID-19: Submitting estimates during lockdown

See updates regarding estimation derogations during COVID-19.

Latest on estimation derogations

Some information on this page may be out of date. Please check the Estimation Derogations article for latest news.

Reporting from DCs

In approving this derogation, the PAB asked Elexon to request reporting from DCs on Metering Systems that have undergone an estimation adjustment in response to the 2020 lockdown.

Why is this important

This reporting is important because it will allow us to closely monitor the activity taken in line with the derogated processes. This will provide us with the means to identify issues and concerns early and take action where appropriate to minimise any impacts on Settlement.

What do DCs need to do

Elexon will request this data from DCs shortly. The below draft templates for reporting will enable DCs to become familiar with the information we will be requesting as well as give you an opportunity to highlight any concerns. 

Half Hourly sites

Non Half Hourly sites

We have been informed that Non Half Hourly information has been provided to DCs in a number of formats, and that being able to supply the information in these two ways will make the reporting easier to produce for you. You can provide the data in either format or both, whichever best suits you.


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