Supplier Volume Allocation Non-Final Demand Declarations

Elexon implemented Balancing and Settlement Code Modification P419 ‘Enhanced Reporting of Demand Data to the NETSO to facilitate BSUoS Reform’ in February 2023.

P419 introduced a process to allow Non-Final Demand Operators and Suppliers to declare Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Non-Final Demand Facilities through BSC processes so that they would be exempt from Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) Charges. 

Non-final Demand Facilities

Non-final Demand Facilities are Defined in the Connection and Use of System Code (CUSC) as:

  • An Electricity Storage Facility that performs Electricity Storage as its sole function
  • An Electricity Generation Facility where Electricity Generation occurs as its sole function.
  • A combined Electrical Generation and Storage Facility that performs both Electrical Generation and Electrical Storage as its only functions
  • An Eligible Services Facility that provides any Balancing Service or Ancillary Service which imports or exports Reactive Energy, but does not result in the production or export of any Active Power to the Transmission System.

Completing declarations 

There are two ways to complete the declaration process:

  1. Facility Operators can complete the Declaration form on the BSC Website and send it to their Supplier.  Once sent, the associated Supplier will receive a notification in its Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution account and will be able to check and submit the application to Elexon through Kinnect.  Kinnect is our cloud platform for managing BSC services.
  2. Suppliers can complete the declaration forms using the Kinnect Customer Solution and submit it directly to Elexon from there.

Which people at BSC Parties have access to Kinnect?

Category A and F BSC Signatories have access to Kinnect. Suppliers can also set up ‘Assistants’ in Kinnect to allow other staff to complete the application details before the Category A or F signatory submits the Declaration.

What happens after  declarations are submitted?

Once submitted, the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA) and the Electricity Enquiry Service (ECOES) will validate the declaration and advise the Supplier via email on whether the submission was successful, or if it has been rejected.  Suppliers can also check on Kinnect.  Suppliers will need to tell their associated Facility Operators whether the declaration was successful, or if it was rejected.

The ‘Declaration of SVA Non-Final Demand Facility for Exclusion from BSUoS’ guidance note details the information required in each field of the website form and the Kinnect form.

Important to know when completing forms

  • Maximum Import and Maximum Export Capacity can currently only be entered as whole numbers , so please round up any decimals to the nearest integers until the end of June 2023 after which decimal numbers can then be entered. They are used to provide assurance that the site is operating as a Non-Final Demand site
  • A non-final demand Declaration must contain at least one Import SVA Metering System Identifier (MSID) and one Export MSID.  These need to be entered on the same form.  The fields for the second SVA MSID can be obtained by clicking the ‘plus’ button underneath the details of the first SVA MSID.

Help on filling out forms

If Facility Operators or Suppliers need any help in completing the forms or setting up Authorised Signatories or Assistants in Kinnect, please contact the BSC Service Desk to arrange a meeting for us to run through the screens with you.

Our FAQs for SVA Non Final Demand Facility Declaration can also help you.


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