The BSC has become gender neutral

We corrected 315 instances where masculine pronouns or terms are used, such as “Chairman”, “he”, “his” and “him” of the BSC and 198 cases of gendered pronouns across 39 Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs).

P450 ‘Housekeeping and making the BSC gender neutral’ and CP1580 ‘Making the Code Subsidiary Documents (CSD) gender neutral and housekeeping’ brought the BSC in line with modern best practices and other energy codes.

P450 was implemented on 23 February 2023, and CP1580 will be implemented as part of the June 2023 Standard Release.

Gender-specific references and terminology represented an inconsistency between the Code and currently accepted practice for legal text, which uses gender neutral references and terminology. Although masculine pronouns have traditionally been used in legal text to refer to people regardless of their gender, it has now become standard practice to use language that is gender neutral. For example, in 2007, it became government policy to use gender neutral language when writing legislation.


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