Understanding Settlement Reports: a guide for BSC Parties

For any Settlement Date and Settlement Run Type carried out in accordance with the Settlement Calendar, the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA) publishes Settlement Reports (known as SAA-I014 reports) to relevant industry parties. Whilst all Settlement Reports are built using the same data, there are slightly differing sub-flows of the SAA-I014 depending on the primary recipient. 

Settlement Report delivery

Settlement Reports issued to BSC Parties are delivered in sub-flow 1, which has a file id of S0141. Settlement Reports issued to Virtual Lead Parties are delivered in sub-flow 4, file id S0144.

Which Settlement Report should I receive?

We are aware that some Virtual Lead Parties may have been receiving both an S0141 and an S0144 for a Settlement Run prior to the go-live of the new SAA service on Elexon Kinnect, our cloud platform.

BSC Parties should only receive one of these sub-flows, dependant on their registered Market Roles. Parties who are solely registered in a Virtual Lead Party (VLP) role will receive an S0144. If a Party is registered for another Trading Party Role (i.e. Supplier) in addition to the VLP role, then they will receive an S0141. All other active (non-VLP) Trading Parties will receive an S0141.

Accessing the SAA-I014 sub-flow 2

A copy of the SAA-I014 sub-flow-2, file id S0142, which is sent to National Electricity
Transmission System Operator (NETSO) and contains data on all BSC Parties (Virtual Lead Parties included) in relation to a Settlement Run, is also available. This is very similar in format to the S0141.

This SAA-I014 sub-flow 2 data is available via several different methods:

Any changes to the reporting requirements of individual Parties should be requested in line with the agreed procedures set out in BSCP41: Report Requests and Authorisations.


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