Data flows available from BSC Systems


We produce a large amount of data, much of which is freely available to both BSC Parties and the general public.

Our data is freely available through:

As well as the data flows listed above, BSC Parties are entitled to receive a variety of data flows directly from the central BSC Systems. If you are a Party, please contact your Operational Support Manager (OSM) or the BSC Service Desk to learn more.

If you’re a non-BSC Party

If you’re a company who isn’t a BSC Party but would like to receive specific BSC data, please get in touch with us through the BSC Service Desk. We have some standard packages of reports that are available to non-Parties on request, subject to set licensing arrangements and fees.

These arrangements are a way for non-Parties to obtain Settlement data that BSC Parties receive under the BSC. You can find further details of these standard reports below. 

We will treat non-Party requests for other types of BSC data on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the BSC. As we are a not-for-profit organisation and our costs are paid by BSC Parties, we may charge a fee to cover our costs in providing the data to you. We may also ask you to sign a licence agreement containing our terms and conditions.

We receive a high number of requests for data from non-Parties. While we try to process all requests as soon as we can, please note that this may take up to a month and for non-standard requests may require us to prepare a bespoke quotation and licence. Please therefore ensure that you submit requests in good time for your intended use of the data.

1. Market Domain Data (MDD) – provided under ‘P30’ licence arrangements


MDD is the central repository of Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) market information and is essential to the operation of the SVA arrangements. We provide the ‘D0269’ or ‘D0270’ data flows upon request, which include critical parameters such as Standard Settlement Configurations, Profile Classes, Grid Supply Point (GSP) Groups and market participant information.

More Information

Find out more about Market Domain Data (MDD).

For a list of the data items included in the D0269 and D0270 flows, please refer to the MRA Data Transfer.


2. Profile Coefficient Data – provided under ‘P30’ licence arrangements


In the Non Half Hourly market, energy prices are based on predicted consumption using ‘load profiles’ that vary both geographically and between different types of customers (Profile Classes).  Information on load profiles (Profile Coefficient data) is essential for Suppliers and buyers to accurately compare market price quotes and for demand forecasting.  We can provide a year’s set of ‘D0018’ files containing this data.

More Information

For a list of the data items included in the D0018 flow, please refer to the MRA Data Transfer Catalogue.


3. Historic Profile Coefficient Data – provided under ‘P30’ licence arrangements


As described above. We can provide a year’s set of historic D0018 files to non-Parties.

4. Reports provided under ‘P114′ licence arrangements


SAA-I014 (subflow 2)
This report contains everything that happened in the Settlement systems on a particular day, broken down into half hour Settlement Periods. This includes System Buy/Sell Prices, information on trading activity and charges for each Balancing Mechanism Unit (Party), Metered Volumes and Settlement cash flow information. It also has the all the information needed to re-calculate the System Buy and Sell Prices.

This report tells you the energy consumption by each regional Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group in Great Britain. By interpreting this report you can find out where the demand is and when.

This report includes the volume of energy that was metered at each Distribution System Connection Point for each Settlement Run per day. This can be used to determine the areas of demand and generation in the distribution networks and the line losses that can be expected as these are factored into Suppliers’ tariffs. This is essentially the aggregated metering flows report (CDCA I029 above) broken down into specific connection points in the GSP Group.

This report from the Central Data Collection Agent tells you the Metered Volumes of energy for each BM Unit for each aggregation run per day. This will tell you exactly what each individual BM Unit has consumed or generated, and whether this is an estimated or actual value.

More Information

For a list of the data items included in this package, please refer to the P114 data items.

5. Reports provided under ‘P315′ licence arrangements


P0276 ‘BSCCo GSP Group Consumption Totals Report’
A BSCCo version of the D0276 ‘GSP Group Consumption Totals Report’, which is a report of Consumption Component Class totals for each GSP Group. It is produced daily for the SF, RF and DF Settlement Runs for all runs performed on or after the 30 June 2016, as well as for historical SF and RF runs for Settlement Dates from 1 July 2014.

P0277 ‘GSP Group Market Matrix Report’
This report is an aggregated (market-level) version of the D0082 ‘Supplier Purchase Matrix Report’, which is a report for each Supplier per GSP Group containing the details of the Supplier Purchase Matrix rows used in the calculation of a Settlement Run. The P0277 is produced by summing the data in the D0082 across all Suppliers and Data Aggregators, for all Settlement Runs performed on or after the 30 June 2016 other than the II run.


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