Get advance notice of upcoming Change Proposals

Would you like to get visibility of upcoming Change Proposals to the BSC? Sign up for an opportunity to feedback on upcoming Changes.

New approach

Elexon is trialling an ‘Upcoming Change Proposals’ meeting, due to take place on Thursday 23 February from 14:00 – 16:00.

The proposed meetings will allow interested industry Parties to feed in to Change Proposals that are likely to be raised in the near future earlier in the process.

The proposed approach is as a result of Issue 102 ‘BSC Change Process Review’ that identified, through a stakeholder survey, a number of key issues and possible areas for improvement in the BSC Change process.

Meeting format

We will hold the meeting on Microsoft Teams and it will focus on asking for feedback on Change Proposals that will be raised in the coming months and any upcoming changes that attendees would like to discuss.

Ahead of the meeting, attendees will be able to suggest discussion points around the upcoming Changes.

Please note that the format and structure of future meetings may vary, based on initial feedback and industry uptake.

Attend the February meeting

Register your interest for the February meeting or for any future meetings by emailing [email protected].


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