CP0555 – Amendments to the SAA URS

Formal title: Amendments to the SAA URS

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


This CP has been raised to address inconsistencies identified by the NETA Programme (IRP CP003). A) BSCP301 Section 3. 1. 6 state that the FAA will produce and distribute the authorised Payment Calendar no later than 31 January. Section I011 of the SAA URS has a date of 30 January. b) BSCP301sections 3. 1. 7-3. 1. 13 describes the timetable for the drafting, reviewing and publication of the Payment and Settlement Calendars. If the maximum time allowance is used, then there is a 22WD gap between the distribution of the Payment Calendar by the FAA on 31 January and the publication of the Settlement Calendar by the SAA. However, the functional requirement SAA-F001 demands that the Settlement Calendar be published by 14 February, even though the Calendar may still be under review.
c) Section SAA-I006 of the SAA URS uses the old terminology of “Interconnector Deemed Metered Accounts” instead of “BM Unit


This CP was implemented in August 2002


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