Formal title: Amendments to SSL320 for ISRA/SVAA Archiving Project

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


Amend Sections 1. 3. 12 and 1. 3. 13 of SSL320 to describe the new Archiving functionality introduced by the ISRA/SVAA Archiving Project. Sections 1. 3. 12 and 1. 3. 13 of SSL320 deal with the implementation of the archiving s/w by the ISR/SVA Agent. It is proposed that the changes incorporated do not specify the detail of when data should be archived, rather that the client or its nominated agent sets the rules and notifies Cap. This is an approach already used in other documentation.
SVG has approved the development and implementation of the ISRA/SVAA Archiving Project. This change will ensure consistency between the ISRA/SVAA s/w and the ISRA/SVAA Service Lines.


This CP was rejected


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