Formal title: Improved NHHDA application reporting for MSIDs excluded from the SPM because of missing SVA Metering System details

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BSCP 505 section 3. 3. 2. 5 requires the NHHDA to notify Suppliers, and the BSC Panel, of MSIDs which have been excluded from the Supplier Purchase Matrix because of missing SVA Metering Specific details, within 5 WD of aggregation for the Final Reconciliation Volume Allocation run. Currently, this information is obtained by running a report against the Aggregation Exception log file for the Final Reconciliation run concerned. Unfortunately, a separate Aggregation Exception log file is produced for each database partition that supports the NHHDA application which means that NHHDA users have to trigger this report an equivalent number of times to obtain the complete report for the Final Reconciliation run. Some NHHDA systems may have up to 24 partitions.


This CP was rejected


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