Formal title: Formalise manual interactions between the FAA and the BSCCo relating to Credit Cover.

Current Status

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Informal arrangements exist between BSCCo and the FAA relating to the provision of Credit Cover when:
1) The FAA currently notifies the ECVAA of changes to Credit Cover via dataflow ECVAA-I006 / FAA-I019 “Credit Limit Data”. However there is no requirement for this notification to be sent to the BSCCo. BSCCo requires this data so that they can ensure that the ECVAA system has been updated with the changes to the Credit Cover. BSCCo have implemented an informal process whereby the FAA notifies BSCCo of Credit Cover changes via e-mail. If the ECVAA rejects the file submitted by the FAA, then the FAA will be required to notify BSCCo of a revised file.


This CP was rejected


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