Formal title: Enhancements to the SVA Balancing Mechanism (BM) Unit registration process defined within the SVA CSDs

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
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During NETA testing a number of problems were experienced during the SVA Balancing Mechanism (BM) Unit registration process and these relate to: 1. The provision of the BM Unit from the CRA to BSCCo (via the P0193 / CRA-I020 Operations Registration Report) and the SVA Agent for use in Market Domain Data (MDD) (via the P181 / CRA-I015 BM Unit Registration Data File). 2. The validation undertaken by BSCCo to compare the data provided by the SVA Agent (via the P0181 / CRA-I015) against the relevant MDD Change Proposal(s). 3. The information that the BSCCo provides to the SVA Agent instructing them to load the BM Unit data (via the P0181 / CRA-I015). 4. The wording associated with the timescales for proposing changes to BM Unit data.
This CP therefore proposes to resolve the above issues by modifying the appropriate Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs).


This CP was implemented


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