Formal title: Enhanced validation within Central Registration Agent (CRA)

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


Enhance Central Registration Agent (CRA) validation to reduce the number of registration errors. The Following Validation Rules could be added to reduce the number of registration errors of the forms set out in the Justification for change: 1. Do not allow a null value in the CALF value field for Open BM Units; 2. When opening a record for a BM Unit, check that this BM Unit does not already have a record open; 3. Do not allow an end date to be added to a Base BM Unit for an active Supplier; 4. Within a BSC Season, do not allow increase in the DC field; Within a BSC Season, do not allow decrease in the GC field; 5. Check that the Lead Party Name and ID for a particular BM Unit is a valid Market Participant.


This CP was implemented


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