CP0841 – Substituted metered data in the CDCA I012 ‘Raw Metered Data Report’

Formal title: Substituted metered data in the CDCA I012 'Raw Metered Data Report'

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The CDCA I012 ‘Raw Metered Data Report’ is intended to provide each Metering System Registrant with a record of the metered data uploaded from each Metering System on a daily basis. As the name of the report implies it is intended to provide the data in its raw format and will indicate its status: A – ‘Valid Metered Data’, B – ‘Invalid Metered Data’ and C – ‘Unavailable Metered Data’
Currently CDCA I014 report also includes substituted metered data. As the substituted data appears in the Primary Outstation channel as ‘valid meter data’ it is interpreted as though the metered data had been uploaded directly from the Metering System.


This CP was implemented


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