Formal title: Changes to the Half Hourly Data Estimation Requirements within the Code Subsidiary Documents

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


1. Rewrite appendix 4. 2 ‘Data of BSCP502 ‘Half Hourly Data Collection for SVA Metering Systems registered in SMRS’ to add clarity to the processes of data estimation.
2. Make a number of additional changes to BSCP502 to add clarity and to enhance requirements relating to data estimation. This CP supersedes CP758 ‘Improvements to estimation and validation techniques defined in BSCP502’, CP759 ‘Inconsistencies with estimates based on actual HH data more than one month before or after the period of required estimation’ and SIR3100 ‘Check Meter Readings used as actual data’. This CP presents the conclusions of the data estimation group which was initiated by SVG following presentation of paper SVG/18/221.


This CP was implemented


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