Formal title: ECVNA Authorisation Terminations Effective on Receipt - Interim Solution

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Section P of the Code requires that any Authorisation Termination Request submitted to the Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA) be effective on receipt by the ECVAA. This is inconsistent with the lower level documentation such as the ECVAA User Requirements Specification (URS) and the relevant BSCP (BSCP 71 ‘ECVNA and MVRNA Registration, Authorisation and Termination’), which require 1 calendar days notice of the Authorisation Termination.
In addition to this, the Code Subsidiary documents require amending to reflect the requirement contained within the Code for a notification agent as well as one of the two relevant counter Parties to be able to terminate an Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent Authorisation (ECVNAA).


This CP was rejected


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