Formal title: Missing requirement on data collectors to notify Suppliers

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SIR2690 The receipt of a D0052 data flow (Affirmation of Metering Point Settlement Details) by a NHHDC is the first point in the NHH data collection stream that metering systems are identified from a settlement perspective. The NHHDC is obliged (Service Line SL120 sections 1. 3. 1. 2 & 1. 4. 1. 3) to validate the details associated with each Stage 2 metering system received from a Supplier. The validation specifically refers to the attributes contained within the D0052. In practice many D0052 records fail validation [to be quantified]. The most significant from a settlement point of view is where the Supplier requests an invalid combination of Profile Class, Standard Settlement Configuration and GSP Group. The SL does not oblige the NHHDC to notify the Supplier of these inconsistencies. This is an omission from the NHHDC obligations that should be rectified.


This CP was rejected


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