Formal title: Provision of Current & Voltage Transformer Certificates

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


SIR2596 If Current Transformer (CT) & Voltage Transformer (VT) test certificates are not made available to Meter Operators by PES Distribution businesses (or others), the Meter Operators are unable to calibrate their meters to allow for CT and VT errors or to demonstrate to the SSA that the complete Metering System is within acceptable accuracy limits specified in the Metering Codes of Practice. For this reason, the PPA, as Pool Policeman, requires Meter Operators to produce CT & VT test certificates for inspection by the TAA in accordance with the relevant Agreed Procedures although on a number of occasions they have not been able to produce them since these have not been forthcoming from PES Distribution Businesses. This has led to non-compliances being recorded against Meter Operators by the Pool Policemen.


This CP was rejected


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