Formal title: Superfluous reporting of D0095 exceptions combined with an E01 exception following a CoS

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CPC Consultation
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An E01 exception is reported whenever an appointed NHHDA does not receive an EAC or AA from an appointed NHHDC. Where an E01 is produced for a new Supplier following a Change of Supplier process it also results in additional exceptions where the NHHDC and NHHDA agents are the same for both the old and new Suppliers. Because the NHHDC does not process end dates for Registration Details, Profile Class/Standard Settlement Configuration, Measurement Class, GSP Group, and Energisation Status, the NHHDA as well as producing an E01 will also generate an exception against the aforementioned data where it mismatches with SMRS. The most frequent and misleading of these is the E08 (Supplier incorrect), but could also include E09, E10, E11, E12 & E13.


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