Formal title: D0235 Exception reporting - BSCP503, section 4.3

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CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


BSCP503 section 4. 3 states that when consumption data is received but not expected: Check for SVA Metering Systems which have consumption values stored against them but for which the HHDA is not appointed to aggregate on this Settlement Day. Record such data anomalies for reporting purposes and ignore these consumption values from this point on for this aggregation process. Report full details of any such anomalies to the HHDC supplying the data. However, it is the responsibility of Suppliers to comply with the BSC and thereby to manage and co-ordinate their agents to achieve compliance. It is also the responsibility of the Suppliers to investigate and record anomalies and any action taken to prevent it occurring in the future. The problem therefore surrounds the Supplier not being informed of the exception, as the anomalies are only reported to the HHDC supplying the data.


This CP was rejected


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