CP1022 – SSC changed without recalculation of EAC by NHHDC

Formal title: SSC changed without recalculation of EAC by NHHDC

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


Whilst NHHDA prevents the change of an SSC during an AA, there is no corresponding requirement for NHHDA to check for and to reject, a change of SSC instruction without a corresponding revision of its EAC. The NHHDA application only records the SSC that applied during an AA period and the SSC that was applicable on the EAC’s EFSD. It does not record any further SSC changes against that EAC. Whenever NHHDA checks to see if an SSC is being used, it will check all the SSCs held for all AA periods and the SSCs that was applicable on all the EAC’s EFSD. It will not therefore include SSCs that have been assigned without a corresponding revised EAC being sent by the NHHDC since these will not been recorded by NHHDA. This means, for example, that a TPR can be added to a SSC that falls solely within this category.


This CP was withdrawn


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