Formal title: Entry Process Testing - Clarification for Party Agents

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


The current requirement is for Party Agents (HH and NHH MOP, DC and DA) to demonstrate compliance with the BSC and relevant BSCPs. However it is not specified within the BSC or the Code Subsidiary Documents what scenarios need to be tested and this has been interpreted as a requirement for Party Agents to test all scenarios regardless of that Agents’ business operation and contractual arrangements. For example, an NHHDC may choose, for business reasons, to provide services to any Supplier wishing to use its services in one geographic location, i. e. one GSP Group. This is simply because the NHHDC does not wish to employ meter reading (data retrieval) resources outside of this GSP Group area and has no intention of expanding this activity into new locations.


This CP was rejected


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