CP1050 – CDCA MAR Discrepancy Values

Formal title: CDCA MAR Discrepancy Values

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


BSCP06 states “the nominal tolerance value for acceptable MAR shall be not greater than ±0. 1%, and subject to review by the BSCCo. ” There appears to be an inconsistency in the industry documentation between the levels at which discrepancies should be investigated. Currently, in line with the Service Description, the CDCA is obliged to investigate any discrepancies greater than +/-0. 05%. Based on the CDCA’s experience of investigating MAR failures, it is our opinion that the tolerance that is currently used (0. 05%) is too tight, and results in wasted effort in investigating failures where obvious discrepancies cannot be identified, and where, in conjunction with the Registrant and/or MOA, these can be or are rarely resolved. This effort could be better focussed on resolving the significant issues.


This CP was withdrawn


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