CP1052 – Upgrade of NHHDA and EAC/AA software applications

Formal title: Upgrade of NHHDA and EAC/AA software applications

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


The current versions of NHHDA and EAC/AA both operate under UNIX 5. 1A, which is a prior version to the latest supported, UNIX 5. 1B. Participants who receive NHHDA and EAC/AA have generally migrated to UNIX 5. 1B but need to retain a UNIX 5. 1A environment to accommodate NHHDA and EAC/AA. SVAA has been upgraded to operate under UNIX 5. 1B. Currently support and development is required to be supplied for two different operating system versions to accommodate SVAA as well as NHHDA and EAC/AA.


This CP was implemented


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