Formal title: Inaccurate Interface Timetables in BSCP06 3.1 and 3.2

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CPC Consultation
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The interface timetables in sections 3. 1 and 3. 2 of BSCP06 (Notification and Sealing of Metering Equipment for Central Volume Allocation) are not accurate in relation to the use of the BSCP06/4. 1 form. Appendix 4. 1 explains that the BSCP06/4. 1 ‘Notification of Work On Central Volume Allocation Metering Equipment’ form is used by MOAs and/or Registrants to notify the CDCA of any intended work on a Metering System, and to advise the CDCA once the work has been completed. The form is also used by the CDCA to give agreement to MOAs and Registrants to carry out the work, and to confirm that seals have been reapplied following completion of work. However, the corresponding sections of the interface timetables do not describe the use of the different parts of the BSCP06/4. 1 form in detail; as a result, there is confusion amongst participants about when to complete and send the form.


This CP was implemented


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