CP1104 – BSCP520 inconsistent with North Scotland GSP Group

Formal title: BSCP520 inconsistent with North Scotland GSP Group

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


In England and Wales, Appendix 4. 3 of BSCP520 specifies the Standard Settlement Configurations (SSC) for use with Unmetered Supplies (UMS). However, in the North Scotland GSP Group Suppliers are currently obliged to use different SSC and TPR codes, as defined in section 4. 5 of SAS Market Procedure MP520. Currently BSCP520 doesn’t recognise these codes, so from the BETTA Effective Date onwards Suppliers in North Scotland will be unable to comply with BSCP520.


Implemented as part of the February 2005 Release.


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