Formal title: Changes to allow use of inbound communications for CoP5 Metering

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Most of the current communications technology for the HH market is based on meter data being collected by a central system using an ‘outbound’ approach. As a result, many of the relevant equipment definitions and process descriptions in the CoPs and BSCPs are directly associated with a meter interrogation activity, when in fact the key requirements are for the robust storage and transfer of data. CP1166 proposes that CoP5 be updated to allow an Outstation to initiate communication with a HHDC’s instation (i. e. use inbound communication methods) in addition to the existing method of outbound communication.


CP1166 was raised on 17 May 2006. Following comments received from Industry Impact Assessment (CPC00575) Elexon recommended that a Working Group be set up to conduct an operational review of CoP5. The Working Group reported its findings to the SVG on 30 January 2007 (SVG72/06). Following the recommendations of the CoP5 Working Group CP1166 v2. 0 has been raised on 30 March 2007. CP1166 v2. 0 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00603 on 30 March 2007. CP1166 v3. 0 has been raised on 8 June 2007 and addresses Industry Impact Assessment comments to CP1166 v2. 0. CP1166 v3. 0 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment as part of CPC00607 on 8 June 2007. CP1166 v3. 0 was presented to the SVG on 31 July 2007 for a decision on Progression. The SVG deferred the progression decision on CP1166 v3. 0 pending further investigation by Elexon. The SVG requested Elexon seek confirmation of the business case of CP1166 v3. 0 and to confirm that the proposed solution of CP1166 v3. 0 is robust and is no risk to Settlement. CP1166 v3. 0 was taken back to the SVG on 4 September 2007 with responses to the queries previously raised by the SVG on 31 July 2007. The SVG noted Elexon’s response to their queries and accepted the rationale behind the proposed changes. The SVG noted that they agreed to the change in principle and requested that the redline documentation be presented at the next SVG meeting in order to ensure that the rationale is correctly reflected in the documentation. CP1166 v3. 0 was presented to the SVG on 2 October 2007 for a decision on Progression. The SVG approved CP1166 v3. 0 for inclusion in the February 2008 Release, with a minor amendment to the redlining of the Scope of CoP5, which will now read: ‘Outstations shall, as a minimum, be capable of interogation by the Settlement instation. In addition, Outstations may deliver metering data to the Settlement instation providing that the requirements of this Code of Practice are met. ‘ CP1166 v3. 0 was implemented on 28 February 2008 as part of the February 2008 Release.


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