Formal title: Communication of Data Estimations and Substitutions for Central Volume Allocation Metering Systems

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1245 proposes to increase the frequency of the I014 flow. Rather than monthly it would be issued regularly on a daily basis. The flow will be produced at the end of each day to report on estimation activity carried out during the previous day. The I037 flow would continue to be sent by CDCA for the purposes of agreeing to the estimates. Adopting this solution would ensure that should the Registrant consider comparing the aggregated BMU metered volumes provided by SAA with its own aggregation of the metered data provided by CDCA, it would be doing so with the certainty that its aggregation comprised the most up to date metered data submitted to Settlement.


CP1245 was previous DCP0028. CP1245 was raised on 24 April 2008. CP1245 was issued for Industry Impact Assessment on 09 May 2008. CP1245 was presented to the ISG for a decision on progression. The ISG approved CP1245 for inclusion in the November 2008 Release.


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