Formal title: Ensuring Inferior / Inappropriate Peripheral Devices not used to Collect AMR Reads

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CPC Consultation
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AMR / smart meters are already being introduced in the Non-Half Hourly (NHH) market. The roll out of this type of metering is set to increase over the next few years. With smart / AMR reads there is a risk that inferior or inappropriate peripheral devices (hardware and software) will be used to obtain readings for Settlement purposes, particularly as these devices are not subject to S. I. 2006/1679 or Ofgem approval and there are limited controls over their use. This issue was identified during the BSC Smart Metering Review. The BSC requirements and the proposed solution were considered and agreed by the smart metering expert group.


CP1251 was raised on 27 August 2008. CP1251 has been issued for Participant Impact Assessment as part of CPC00642 on 05 September 2008. CP1251 was presented to the SVG on 04 November 2008 for a decision on progression. The SVG approved CP1251 for inclusion in the February 2009 Release. CP1251 was implemented on 26 February 2009 as part of the February 2009 Release.


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