Formal title: Improving Half Hourly Metering Equipment commissioning and storage of associated commissioning data

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision


Raised by CE Electric UK to:
– Improve Half Hourly Metering System commissioning and proving, including provision and storage of records; and
– Introduce discretionary monitoring and reporting by BSCCo of commissioning and provision of records.


CP1351 was raised and issued for industry impact assessment on 5 August 2011, as part of CPC00700. CP1351 has since been on hold whilst a new solution under P283 was developed regarding the underlying problems with Metering Equipment commissioning.

P283 was approved on 31 July 2013 for implementation on 6 November 2014 as part of the November 2014 BSC Release. Following this outcome, the Proposer and Elexon both agree that the scope and solution of P283 supersedes that of CP1351 and so the Proposer agreed to withdraw the CP.

CP1351 was rejected by the ISG on 24 September 2013 and SVG on 1 October 2013.


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