Formal title: Replace residual negative EACs for pre-RF Settlement Days without affecting post-RF data

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
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Negative Annualised Advance (AA) values arise from the use of Gross Volume Correction (GVC) and/or the deeming process (e.g. deeming on Change of Supplier, or deeming at RF because a Meter Advance Period is greater than 14 months), and in turn cause Negative Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) values. These negative EACs represent a known Settlement inaccuracy from which some Suppliers are benefitting through Grid Supply Point (GSP) Group Correction.

CP1401 will make it mandatory for NHHDAs to identify all residual negative EACs that are still being settled (included in aggregation runs). It will also make it mandatory for NHHDCs to replace these with positive class average EACs with effective from Settlement Dates that have not yet been subject to an RF Run by deeming a read at RF.


Npower raised CP1401 on 27 September 2013. CP1401 was issued for CP Impact Assessment on 27 September 2013, with responses due back by 23 October 2013. CP1401 was approved by the SVG at its December 2013 meeting and implemented as part of the February 2014 BSC Release.


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