CP1584 ‘Allow non-BSC Parties to raise Change Proposals, add a CP withdrawal process and remove BCA/PACA concept’

Formal title: Allow non-BSC Parties to raise Change Proposals, introduce a formal CP withdrawal process and remove the BCA/PACA concept from BSCP40

BSC Issue 102 ‘BSC Change Process Review’ identified several improvements to align and simplify BSC Change processes on solution ownership and recommended Elexon make changes to several current processes described within BSC Procedure (BSCP) BSCP40 “Change Management”.

The fact that non-BSC Parties are unable to propose Change Proposals (CPs) could be viewed as contradictory within the BSC framework, particularly given that these non-Parties have the ability to propose Modifications under the supervision and approval of the Panel. Furthermore, there is no formalised procedure in place to withdraw a CP, which doesn’t align with the existing capability to retract Modifications.
BSCP40 also contains references to a process which requires a Party or Party Agent to nominate a BSC Change Representative known as a Party Agent Change Administrator (PACA) and BSC Change Administrator (BCA). This process has not been used in at least a decade and therefore should be removed from the document.

Current Status

Change Proposal Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


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