CP1588 Mandating Calibration Checks for Main and Check Meters

Formal title: Mandating Calibration Checks to Main and Check Meters

This CP proposes to provide an assurance process to confirm whether a Meter Type is still operating within the allowed accuracy limits or is drifting towards, or beyond, the extreme end of the limits. It will also define the steps to be taken where an issue is identified mitigating the risk to Settlement. CP1588 originates from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC Metering Codes of Practice’. 

There is a lack of industry reporting to confirm whether Meter calibration checks are being carried out on the relevant Metering Equipment which poses a risk to Settlement where a lack of data being reported does not allow any analysis to highlight concerns about Meter accuracy to be carried out.

There is also no process for Elexon to follow in BSCP601 to take action should it be identified that there is an issue with the long term accuracy of a particular Meter Type or, as required, notify the Office of Product Safety and Standards in the Department for Business and Trade where the Meter Type is on Schedule 4.  

This CP will look to create a new section 5.2A in Code of Practice 4 (CoP4)to detail the requirements and timescales for end of life sample calibrations. These will focus on Meter Types used in CoP3 and CoP5, Metering Systems.


Current Status

Change Proposal Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


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