Issue 93

Formal title: Review of the BSC metering Codes of Practice

Current Status


Issue 93 will review the BSC metering Codes of Practice (CoPs), which have not been reviewed in totality before.

Meter Operators from the Association of Meter Operators (AMO) believe they would benefit from improvement and/or clarification on a number of aspects to be identified and confirmed by this Issue.

To optimise the activity of the Issue Group, a series of known aspects impacting the metering CoPs are combined in this single Issue (e.g. the use of Half-Hourly and Non-Half hourly as the market arrangements transition to Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement). A full list of these identified issues and considerations can be found on the proposal form, though this is not exhaustive as some issues may be consolidated, or new issues added, as part of the Issue Group process.


Issue 93 was raised on 15 January 2021.


Issue 93 Consultation

As part of Issue 93, we are aiming to consolidate the Codes of Practice into one document and are now requesting information to understand the impact that “end-dating” the Codes of Practice 6 to 9 will have.

Next Events

The next Workgroup session of Issue 93 will take place in late June 2022.


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