CP1596 ‘Define the change process for BSC Owned Interfaces in the REC’s EMAR’

This CP seeks to update BSCP40 to define processes for changing EMDS items.

The Retail Energy Code (REC) Energy Market Data Specification (EMDS) contains a number of Data Items and Market Message Scenario Variants (hereafter ‘EMDS items’) used in BSC processes.

Currently, there is no defined process in BSCP40 for creating and/or amending items held in EMDS which are used in BSC or non-BSC code processes.

The REC Professional Services (RPS) change processes specify that changes to EMDS items should be progressed through the governance processes of the owning code body.

As there are currently four different code bodies that own EMDS items, the processes for changing them should be specified in BSCP40.


Current Status

Change Proposal Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


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