P425 Assessment Procedure Consultation

This Modification aims to reduce the requirement from two or more Suppliers, to one or more Suppliers, to be involved in a Shared Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Metering Arrangement.


The existing rules for Shared SVA Meter Arrangements state that the arrangement must be between two or more Suppliers. This places a requirement for each end customer to procure different electricity Suppliers before a Shared SVA Metering Arrangement can be put in place. The current requirement acts as a barrier to competition because the Primary Supplier is prohibited from agreeing supply contracts with all customers involved in a Shared SVA Metering Arrangement.

P425 proposes to amended the definition of a Shared SVA Meter Arrangement so that one or more Suppliers may be involved. This would involve amendments to BSC Section K, BSC Section X Annex X-1, and BSCP550.


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