P425 Assessment Procedure Consultation

This Modification aims to reduce the requirement from two or more Suppliers, to one or more Suppliers, to be involved in a Shared Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Metering Arrangement.


Who will this impact?

The existing rules for Shared SVA Meter Arrangements state that the arrangement must be between two or more Suppliers. This places a requirement for each end customer to procure different electricity Suppliers before a Shared SVA Metering Arrangement can be put in place. The current requirement acts as a barrier to competition because the Primary Supplier is prohibited from agreeing supply contracts with all customers involved in a Shared SVA Metering Arrangement.

P425 proposes to amended the definition of a Shared SVA Meter Arrangement so that one or more Suppliers may be involved. This would involve amendments to BSC Section K, BSC Section X Annex X-1, and BSCP550.

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