P435 Report Phase Consultation

This Modification seeks to enable EMRS to undertake the necessary preparatory work for potential future settlement services to LCCC.


Who will this impact?

The activities Elexon or its subsidiaries are permitted to undertake are outlined in BSC Section C ‘BSCCo and its Subsidiaries’ Annex C-1. Currently, the services provided to LCCC as the CfD Counterparty and to ESC as the CM Settlement Body are restricted to settlement services for the two schemes. These services are delivered through Elexon’s wholly owned subsidiary, EMRS.

As the energy market evolves, new schemes, to deliver Government policy, may be introduced by Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and may be given to LCCC to deliver. However, the BSC does not allow LCCC to award or contract any associated administration and settlement services to EMRS, should it wish to do so.

P435 will enable EMRS to support LCCC in developing the necessary systems and processes in preparation for potential future settlement services.


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