P442 Report Phase Consultation

This Modification seeks to allow correct reporting of chargeable volumes to the EMRS company for SVA Metering Systems that record both exempt supply and licensed supply through the addition of a new third party role, the “Exempt Supply Notification Agent”.


Who will this impact?

P442 is expected to impact:

  • Licensed Suppliers;
  • Licence exempt suppliers;
  • Half Hourly Data Collectors;
  • EMR Settlement Services Provider. 

What is proposed?

The Proposed and Alternative solutions both involve a new Party Agent role, the “Exempt Supply Notification Agent” (ESNA). The ESNA would calculate the volumes of licensed and exempt supply, and submit them to BSC central Systems, based on metered data provided by the HHDC or Supplier. The ESNA would be required to undergo a Qualification process to ensure compliance with Settlement requirements.

The Proposed solution allows for corrections to the Energy Imbalance positions, using BSC Central Systems, of the licensed Suppliers facilitating the exempt supply arrangements. This is not required for the Alternative solution, which encourages arrangements where a single licensed Supplier has registered both the customer’s Import Metering System and the exempt supplier’s Export Metering System. There is no risk of exposure to Imbalance Charges when limited to these types of arrangements. Where different Suppliers are involved, it would be possible for them to agree bilaterally to address the impact on Imbalance Charges. This means the Alternative solution mirrors the Proposed but excludes this Energy Imbalance adjustment within Central Systems.

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