Trading Disputes Committee (TDC)


Contact information

TDC Secretary
[email protected]


The TDC is appointed by and reports to the BSC Panel. Its principal functions and powers are:

  • To investigate and resolve all Trading Disputes
  • To monitor the operation of, and recommend Modifications to, BSC Procedures which support the Dispute processes
  • To recommend Modification or Change Proposals to the BSC Panel arising from TDC activities.

The TDC is also responsible for ruling on claims of Manifest Error, determining the replacement bid/offer prices in such circumstances, and considering any claims for compensation.

Full details of the Committee’s remit can be found in the Terms of Reference.

TDC in the Code

Section W of the BSC details the TDC’s function and role in the Trading Disputes process.

About Trading Disputes

Trading Disputes provide a mechanism for correcting identified Settlement Errors. It allows for energy that was incorrectly calculated to be re-calculated, and the corrected Trading Charges distributed accordingly. The Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) hears all Disputes that we think are valid.

Understanding the disputes process

 All Trading Disputes are assessed against three criteria, which must be met for the Dispute to be upheld. Disputes are confidential.

Trading Disputes determined by the BSC Panel

In certain circumstances the Code provides that the BSC Panel may determine Trading Disputes which have been referred to it. The procedure for such cases is set out in the following Guidance Note: It does not seek to repeat or replace Section W of the BSC. 

Maintaining impartiality and transparency

This Policy Statement explains the philosophy adopted by ELEXON to ensure impartiality and transparency when administering Trading Disputes. This is ELEXON’s own Policy Statement and is designed to supplement existing BSC documentation. For the avoidance of doubt, BSCP11 ‘Trading Disputes’ shall remain the relevant process document.


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