Technical Assurance of Metering Expert Group (TAMEG)


The TAMEG exists to ensure the Technical Assurance of Metering (TAM) service is effective and efficient. It provides an opportunity for industry experts to discuss the operations of the  TAM Technique, the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) and its findings.

Contact information


Some of the TAMEG’s responsibilities may include:

  • To advise and make proposals to Elexon on any matters relating the operations of the
    TAM technique, the TAA and its findings.
  • To advise and make proposals on any matters relating to metering in the Code or BSC Procedures
  • To assess and make proposals for process improvement, for consistency and accuracy in
    relation to the TAM technique, the TAA and its findings.
  • To develop accurate and useful reporting of the findings of the TAA.

Where the TAMEG requires guidance or approval of its business, information will be presented to the Performance Assurance Board (PAB). 

More information can be found in the Group’s Terms of Reference.

Attending meetings

The TAMEG is held every quarter on the third Wednesday of that quarter month.

Membership of the Group is open to Suppliers, Supplier Agents and LDSOs (or appointed representatives) that have the TAM technique applied to them. The TAA also attend, and we also invite industry experts as necessary.

Please contact [email protected] if you want to attend the open session of any TAMEG meeting.

Metering in the Code

Section L of the BSC contains all the rules relating to Metering Equipment, the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA) and compliance with the Codes of Practice (CoPs).


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