Due to the closure of Elexon’s office and the subsequent COVID-19 lockdown, Part A of this meeting was held on 17 March 2020 by remote conference. A further Part B remote meeting was held on 3 April 2020 to complete the agenda. 


  1. Introduction, apologies and meeting objectives – Kathryn Coffin
  2. Updates from other work streams – Saskia Barker
  3. Discuss initial straw men for detailed design areas – Matt McKeon
  4. Register Read Meters with switched load – Kevin Spencer
  5. Discuss refined straw men for detailed design areas – Mark De Souza-Wilson / Kevin Spencer / Matt McKeon
  6. BSC legal drafting questions – Kevin Spencer
  7. Identify any further transition requirements – Kevin Spencer
  8. Assess recommendations so far against TOM Design / Development Principles – Kevin Spencer
  9. CCDG03 Headline Report and actions – Kathryn Coffin
  10. Summary and next steps – Kathryn Coffin


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