Formal title: Deemed Bid/Offer Acceptance For Transmission System Faults

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Where a BM Unit is forced to deviate from Physical Notification due to faults on the transmission system outside its control, the transmission company should be obligated to issue a deemed bid-offer acceptance reflecting the forced deviation, for as long as the situation continues. BSC Section Q5.1.5 already contains obligations in relation to the operation of intertrips, and section Q5 should be extended to include all other system faults outside the control of the BM Unit lead party. Corresponding changes to the Grid Code would need to be made. Concerns over lack of competition in bid/offer prices in the circumstances of system failure would be met through regulation or bilateral contracts with the Transmission Company.


The BSC Panel recommended that the Proposed Modification should not be made and that the Alternative Modification should be made. The Authority rejected both the Proposed and Alternative Modification on 2 September 2003.


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