Formal title: Apportionment of the Scottish Interconnector flows to the Northern and North Western GSP Groups for the purposes of calculating losses.

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P125 seeks to amend Annex T-2 of Section T of the Code (as modified by P82) to place the treatment of the Scottish Interconnector on an equitable footing with the other Transmission Loss Factor (TLF) Zones referred to in paragraph 4.1. It proposes to apportion the metered volume associated with the Scottish Interconnector between the two GSP Groups into which it is connected and apply a composite TLF based on the TLFs for those zones.


The Authority approved the Proposed Modification on 8 August 2003. P125 was implemented on 1 May 2004. It was however superseded by P165 which was implemented on 28 April 2004. This negated the effect of Code Modification P125.


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