Formal title: Revisions to the Text in Section P related to Single Notifications of Energy Contract Volumes and Metered Volume Reallocations

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


P210 proposes to revise or clarify the Code text in relation to the process of single notification for the purposes of removing the potential for misinterpretation and to ensure that established conventions and practices (and the efficiencies associated with those) are maintained. The Proposal would ensure that the text relating to the notifications processes in Section P of the Code is unambiguous and in accordance with existing conventions, general understanding, industry practice and the Energy Contract Volume Allocation Agent (ECVAA) Service Description.


At their meeting on 5 February 2007, the BSC Panel agreed to the recommendation of BSCCo to raise Modification P210. The BSC Panel also agreed to request and recommend urgency to the Authority. Urgency and the associated urgent timetable was approved by the Authority on 7 February 2007. The P210 Modification Group held its second meeting on 2 March 2007 to consider the responses to the Urgent Modification Consultation which closed on 28 February 2007. The draft Modification Report was issued for industry comment on 5 March 2007. Authority approved the Proposed Modification on 29 March 2007. P210 was implemented on 05 February 2007 as a stand alone release.


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