Formal title: Compensation Claims for Metered Volume Reallocation Notification (MVRN) Parties arising from an Outage

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Section Q8 of the BSC allows for a Party to claim compensation for losses incurred as a result of an Outage. Current BSC drafting only allows the Lead Party of a BM Unit to make a Q8 claim, and only refers to the effect on the Lead Parties Trading Charges. However, where a BM unit is subject to a Metered Volume Reallocation Notification (MVRN) it will be the Subsidiary Party’s Trading Charges that are affected but they cannot claim. P236 seeks to amend the Q8 claims process so that where the affected BM Unit is subject to MVRNs, Trading Charges and Avoidable Costs of both the Lead Party and the Subsidiary Party or Parties should be considered.


The BSC Panel considered the Draft P236 Modification Report at its August meeting and unanimously agreed that P236 should be made. On 16 September the Authority approved this Modification with an Implementation Date of five working days after decision.


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