P265 – Improving the Accuracy of the Credit Calculation (P253 Alternative solution)

Formal title: Improving the Accuracy of the Credit Calculation (P253 Alternative solution)

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P265 proposes amending the Initial Information (II) Settlement Run process to more accurately estimate credit. It will do this by:Amending the way SVA data is estimated to account for Bank Holidays; andChanging the algebra used by the SAA II Run to estimate Metered Volumes for Suppliers’ BM Units, in order to make it more robust to high levels of embedded generation.
The P265 solution was previously discussed as an alternative solution under P253. The P253 Modification Group unanimously agreed that the solution as detailed in P265 was better than the current BSC arrangements. However, they could not progress the solution as an Alternative Modification as the majority of the Group believed the Proposed Modification was better.


The Authority rejected P265. The Authority’s letter setting out its views and National Grid’s accompanying notice are found on the table below.

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