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Modification: P283

Reinforcing the Commissioning of Metering Equipment Processes

Proposer: BSC Panel

Current Phase: Implemented

Lead Analyst: Claire Kerr

Category: Metering

Implementation Date: 6 November 2014 (November 2014 Release)


P283 proposes changes intended to reinforce Metering Equipment commissioning processes.  The Modification would place commissioning obligations on the Transmission Company and Licenced Distribution System Operators because the Registrant and Meter Operator Agent are often not well placed to complete Metering Equipment commissioning.


The BSC Panel raised P283 following a recommendation by the Performance Assurance Board (based on work by ELEXON and the Technical Assurance of Metering Expert Group (TAMEG)). The Workgroup recommended that P283 should be approved, and its Assessment Report was presented to the Panel at its meeting on 13 June 2013. The Panel initially recommended that P283 should be approved and issued P283 for its Report Phase Consultation. The Panel made its final recommendation that P283 should be approved at its meeting on 11 July 2013.

P283 was approved by Ofgem on 31 July 2013 and was implemented on 6 November 2014 as part of the November 2014 BSC Systems Release.


P283 Authority Decision  [216.7 Kb]
Document Date: 31 July 2013

P283 Final Modification Report  [1.7 Mb]
Document Date: 12 July 2013

P283 Report Phase Consultation  [1.5 Mb]
Document Date: 14 June 2013

P283 Assessment Report  [1.1 Mb]
Document Date: 7 June 2013

P283 Assessment Consultation  [1.4 Mb]
Document Date: 17 April 2013

P283 Modification Proposal form  [481.8 Kb]
Document Date: 12 April 2012