Formal title: Enabling Elexon to participate in tendering for the DCC Licensee role via a subsidiary

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P289 would amend the BSC to allow Elexon to establish a subsidiary which can participate in the Data Communications Company (DCC) bid process and, if successful, act as DCC.

If approved, P289 will change the scope of Elexon’s permitted activities and have implications for the funding of BSC services (in that costs may be defrayed).  It will therefore be of interest to all BSC Parties.

P289 implementation costs (i.e. for a DCC bid) would be funded by Parties, but are capped as part of the Modification.  If Elexon is successful in its bid to become the DCC these costs will be repaid to Parties.


The BSC Panel raised P289 at its meeting on 13 December 2012 and agreed to expedite its progression and to issue it for Assessment by a Workgroup.  The Workgroup recommended that P289 should be rejected, and its Assessment Report was presented to the Panel at its ad-hoc meeting on 20 December 2012.

The Panel initially recommended that P289 should be approved.  The P289 Report Phase Consultation was issued on 21 December 2012.  On 15 January 2013 the Panel make its final recommendation that P289 should be rejected.  Ofgem rejected p289 on 24 January 2013.

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