P319: Removal of annual RMP review from PAF

Formal title: Removal of annual RMP review from PAF

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


P319 seeks to remove the requirement for Elexon to provide an initial Risk Management Plan (RMP) at Qualification and annual review these. The information contained in these annual reviews is already communicated to Parties through other means, and so does not provide Parties with new information. 


P319 was raised by the Panel at its meeting on 12 March 2015. The Panel unanimously agreed that P319 should be progressed directly into the Report Phase and should be treated as a Self-Governance Modification Proposal with an initial recommendation that the Modification be approved.

The Panel’s Report Phase Consultation  was issued on 13 March 2015 with responses invited by Tuesday 7 April 2015. The Panel considered the P319 Draft Modification Report and responses to the Report Phase Consultation at its meeting on 14 May 2015. The Panel unanimously approved P319 for implementation on 5 November 2015.

BSC Parties had 15 Working Days to appeal the Panel’s approval of P319. This appeal window closed on 5 June 2015. No appeals were received, and so P319 was implemented in accordance with the Panel’s determination on 5 November 2015 (November 2015 BSC Systems Release).


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